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Workhorse Capital:
A Growth Equity Firm

Workhorse Capital is a growth equity firm. We partner with owners and entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of their already successful software and technology-enabled services businesses. The growth capital we invest acts as a catalyst to help your business accelerate value creation through faster, profitable growth.

Why the Workhorse?

“Workhorse” is term of endearment. We admire entrepreneurs whose businesses are dependable, predictable and who do good “work” on behalf of the customer they serve.

We think of the Workhorse as a unicorn, evolved. The unicorn is mythical; the magic isn’t real and the horn serves no purpose. Workhorses shed the horn and produce fundamental value.

Out with vanity metrics; on with fundamental value creation.

Investing with Purpose

You have a purpose; to build a world-class market leading company. Our purpose mirrors yours; to build a world-class growth equity firm.

Imagine what we can do together.

We invest in you. We succeed when you succeed. Workhorse Capital is committed to being the most accessible, knowledgeable and value-added investor you’ve ever worked with. Expect us to hold up our end of the bargain. 

Creating Value Through Organic Growth

Your business is already growing organically, but the market opportunity compels you to do more. We can help you accelerate growth, so your business creates value more rapidly than ever before. We work with you to get the mechanics of growth right, so that the value you create accrues to you and us.

A Targeted Approach

We invest exclusively in software and tech-enabled service  businesses that go to market with a recurring revenue business model. We only invest in areas where our deep understanding of your business and sector can help guide your journey. So when it comes time to offer advice, our perspective is well-informed.

Entrepreneur Led, NOT Investor Led

This is your mission. You won’t find any seagull management here. But know that we’ve walked in your shoes as entrepreneurs and operators in our own right. We know how to deliver advice that is practical, useful and actionable. We’re not afraid to work hard. So when you need help; we’ll be glad to lend a hand.

Our Perspective

Growth equity has emerged as a private asset class that is separate and apart from venture capital and private equity. The capital and operating needs of growth-stage businesses are unique to their stage. We encourage you to read our perspective on the growth equity asset class and the challenges and opportunities faced by growth stage businesses.

If you have a topic you would like us to post on, please submit a request via email.

What is Growth Equity?

Growth equity firms invest in companies with significant revenue growth potential. Growth equity firms generate investment returns through profitable revenue growth.

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What is a Tech-Enabled Service?

Technology enabled services leverage proprietary and best of breed software to offer solutions that are monetized with a recurring revenue business model.

The Big 3 Scaling Imperatives

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