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The First 100 Days – The Map Room

Congratulations! Your thriving, bootstrapped business just closed its first and possibly last round of growth equity financing. Although the process might have taken a little longer than you expected, it’s all about the outcome; you now have a fully-funded growth plan with a company-building partner to help you and the team achieve your long-term objectives. So […]

The Big 3: Demand Generation

In our last post, we touched on some of the operational scaling challenges associated with nearly every growth-stage tech-enabled services (TES) businesses. Today we turn our attention to the last and arguably the most ubiquitous growth imperative, demand generation. So what exactly do we mean by demand generation? Let’s start with what it’s not. If […]

The Big 3: Operational Scaling in Your SaaS or Tech-Enabled Service Business

In a prior post on the the Big 3 challenges common to nearly every growth-stage tech-enabled services (TES) businesses, we explored the importance of building and developing your team. In this post, we’ll focus on a second growth imperative, operational scaling. Bending the growth curve to double, triple or quadruple revenues presents a new set of […]

The Big 3: Organizational Development and Team Building Best Practices

Bending the growth curve presents a new set of challenges for your expanding business. We recently touched on The Big 3 imperatives common to almost every growth-stage tech-enabled services (TES) business: Team: Building and developing your team from top to bottom Operational Scaling: Growing the operation and refactoring systems and processes to accommodate scale Demand Generation: Opening up […]

The Big 3: Company-Scaling Imperatives in SaaS and TES

If you’re the owner-operator of a SaaS or tech-enabled services (TES) business that’s growing at over 20% and approaching profitability…..savor the ride because you’re flying in rarefied air. It’s not every day an entrepreneur “bootstraps” their way from the risk and uncertainty of the “fuzzy front-end” to demonstrating a strong value prop and product-market fit on […]